There are various ways you can contribute to Chester Baptist Church.  In addition to attending our services and placing a cash or check in the offering plate, we offer two electronic contribution options through this website:
•    Electronic funds transfer from any bank account
•    Debit/Credit cards
Both options can be executed as a one-time contribution or can be set up to re-occur at a frequency of your choice.
While we do accept debit and credit cards, please consider using electronic funds transfer.  Unlike credit cards, there is a smaller cost incurred by the church thus allowing your donation to go much further in accomplishing our mission!  To use electronic funds transfer, you will need to know your bank account routing and account number.  Below is a picture depicting where you can find this information on the bottom of your check.

Members of Chester Baptist Church

Electronic contributions can be reflected in your Contribution Record in the same manner as check and cash offerings.  In order for this to occur, you will need to either scan the QR or create a Username and Password and login to make electronic contributions.  This same Username and Password will give you access to view and print your Contribution Record at any time.   To create a Username and Password or to Login, click on the Member Login button:



Church Website Guests Only

Guests to the Chester Baptist Church website may make a contribution without creating a Username and Password - only your name, email, and payment information is required.
Click on the Contribute as a Guest button:





If you have any questions, please call the church office at 748-2939.  If it is after hours, contact Bill Damon at 931-8661.

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